Creating a Crisis Management Plan + Free Kit Download

Even though I’ve been married to my husband for almost 5 years and he has seen me at my worst, there will still be breakdowns that terrify him. He has no idea what’s happening because new symptoms or reactions might surface. After a crappy psychotic episode, I created a crisis management plan just in case it happened again.

And I thought it might be helpful for you too, so I threw it together in a neat little workbook for you to download.

Why you need a crisis management plan

The crisis management plan needs to be in place well before you ever hit crisis mode. This plan should:

  • Help you determine the initial feelings and symptoms of heading towards a breakdown
  • What to do when those initial feelings and symptoms pop up
  • What a loved one should do if they find you having a meltdown + emergency information
  • How to take care of yourself after the breakdown

You can download the crisis management plan below:

Crisis management plan for borderline personality disorder

Before you head towards a breakdown

The idea behind this section is that you don’t want to head towards a breakdown.

You want to understand what your trigger points are and what they physically and emotionally feel like.

Pointing these feelings out will help you determine when you’re starting to spiral.

A small self care plan

I’m a huge believer in needing self care every day, but most importantly, when you just feel “off.”

You don’t have to be in a state of depression or feel like the world is falling apart to take care of yourself.

The moment you feel discomforts in your body, you can practice any sort of personal self care, the simpler the better.

Have a plan of self care in place so you’re not frantically wondering what to do to get rid of “this feeling.”

Crisis management plan for your loved ones

Most people have no idea what it feels like to live in your shoes.

When you have a breakdown or crisis, they aren’t sure what to do and end up in their own panic.

Creating a crisis management plan and handing it to your loved ones will let them know, exactly, what needs to happen next.

This should contain any information that they would need to tell emergency personnel, should it come down to that, and what phone numbers need to be called.

Post crisis self care

I think post crisis self care is so underrated. These are the moments right after you have a breakdown.

You’re exhausted, confused, and maybe feeling ashamed or guilty.

After these moments of crisis, you need to have a plan of what happens next, especially if you’re not ready to dive back into day to day life.

Here it is! Download your crisis management plan below.

Crisis management plan for borderline personality disorder

Wow this crisis management kit is everything I've been looking for to get a handle on my meltdowns with Borderline Personality Disorder. This is amazing. I love this crisis management kit to keep around so I don't feel so lost when I have a panic attack. Best download ever.