Believing in Yourself when No One Else Does

Have you ever poured your heart, soul, and time into something only for people to tell you that it’s shit? It doesn’t work? That you’re a fraud? It doesn’t feel very nice.

If you’re going through that right now, here’s a virtual fist bump.

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When I started trying to make money from home, people said things to me like:

  • “You know it’s all a scam right?”
  • “Wow, you make even less than I do and I work minimum wage!”
  • “You know 90% of people that try, fail, right?”

I’m sure they all meant well and that it seemed silly to them. My attitude was, “I’ll show you!”

Truth is, I never showed anyone anything.

I started making $100/month.

Then $1,000/month.

Then I started my own business and made over $5,000/month (in the fortune telling industry).

Even though I was monetarily successful, the snarky comments never quit. Other people who worked from home didn’t like the fact I read tarot cards as a business. Other tarot readers didn’t like my personality or whatnot. My neighbor down the street thought I was summoning demons or some crap.

You’ll never make everyone happy

When I finally realized that I’ll never make everyone happy, it was like a weight was suddenly lifted off of my shoulders.

Did it make people stop talking crap about me? No.

But it eliminated the impact that people’s negativity had on me.

There’s something liberating about not giving a damn about most people’s opinions. You learn to take responsibility for your own emotions, but also, how to cut yourself a bigger slice of happy pie.

Believing in yourself and your work

In the age of the internet, it’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of reading way too much and then reading even more.

Your brain gets cluttered. You start to doubt yourself.

Then your poor muse gets shoved aside because you start believing what other people have to say, instead of listening to what makes your heart beat.

One of the ways to get back to your roots is to silence the noise.

For me, it meant taking a sabbatical from Facebook and Instagram. I stopped publicly sharing my work or telling people what I was doing. I worked in silence and listened to how my body felt. Psst… this is actually how this blog came together. I realized that I wanted to smush everything I write about under one website – even though blogging experts advise AGAINST this!

Maybe you’re not ready to take such a huge plunge to temporarily leave social media.

Other ways you can quiet the excess noise:

  • Put your phone and laptop on Do Not Disturb while you’re working. Don’t check your social media or e-mail.
  • Designate an hour where you’ll put your phone aside and not check it anymore. (It’s 7pm for me.)
  • Unfollow people and unsubscribe from e-mails of people that you don’t vibe with anymore. (You can always refollow or resubscribe later!)

Remember ‘why’ you’re doing this and who you’re doing it for

One of my favorite books talks about understanding and leading with your purpose. Your “why.”

Be honest about what you’re chasing after and what your goals are. Remind yourself why you took the first step to begin with.

Then ask yourself if the opinions you’re listening to are taking you away from your “why.”

Does it matter if your best friend thinks that your knitting club is silly? It’s not for her, right?

Does it matter if other freelancers think my blog isn’t niche enough? Not at all. I’m not writing for them after all.

Listen to your own opinion and make sure it’s not someone else’s voice holding you back.

Do you have any other advice about believing in yourself?

I’d love to hear it in the comments below!


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